Sunday, August 24, 2008

An outing (er, date?) for mom and dad

Saturday we had tickets to the Music Circus production of "Hairspray" and Teo got to hang out with our friends Erick and Morgan for a few hours. Billy and his parents have had season tickets for years, but this year, this is the only show he and I attended, for obvious reasons! We saw the matinee & then picked Teo up and went out to dinner with Grandpa Jay and Grandma Peggy. It was a fun afternoon, but I really hate being away from him when I don't absolutely have to be (i.e. when I'm at work) - I miss my little man!!!

Erick and Morgan had a lot of fun hanging out with Teo, who was his usual sparkling self for them. They got some really cute pictures of their afternoon together, which I will post when Morgan emails them to me. :)

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