Monday, August 18, 2008

Can't think of a good title for this post...

I'm sure it's because I'm a bit sleep-deprived! Teo hasn't been sleeping as well as usual, due to the fact that he's been a bit congested and we think he may be getting a bottom tooth or two. Oh, well! This too shall pass.

On to bigger and better things... like the the fun weekend we had with Grandma Peggy and Grandpa Jay. On Saturday afternoon, we met them at the mall and then went out to dinner - all through which Teo was extremely well-behaved (of course!). Here's a nice shot of Teo with Grandma:

Also, since we're going to be starting solids soon, Grandma Peggy was nice enough to clean up our beautiful hand-me down high chair for us and bring it over. It started it's journey with the cousins in Southern California, Vince and Jack, then made it's way up to Lacey and Lauren's house, and now Teo gets to use it! Here's a shot of the peanut in his new chair:

The weekend ended with a nice visit out to Rancho Murieta before Grandpa and Grandma headed out to see Evita at the Music Circus. All in all, a very nice weekend!

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