Sunday, March 14, 2010

Timothy's birthday week

Timothy had a pretty great birthday week, even if he was sick for a few days. Monday, March 1 was his actual birthday and his last day at the Infant Center. I brought banana bread over for the kids at snack time (the school follows a vegetarian, low-sugar diet, so no cupcakes or anything like that allowed!) and they had a little celebration for him.

He did get a special treat that evening, though. Pappa got him a clown cone from Baskin Robbins (he pretty much just ate the frosting and the cone), and Aunt Susan brought him a couple of balloons. :)
Tuesday was supposed to be his first day at the preschool, but he woke up with a high temp in the middle of the night, so we kept him home that day. He still had a bit of a cough and not much of an appetite on Wednesday and Thursday, but he was able to go to school, and he's adapting beautifully. He was really ready for this transition.

He had his well-baby check on Wednesday as well, and he is now 34 1/2" tall (50th percentile) and weighs 25lbs 8ozs (25th percentile). He's very advanced on all of his developmental milestones, as he's always been. His vocabulary is so big that I don't even have a tally anymore - it's several hundred words at least - and he's able to put together several-word sentences, too.

Saturday, March 6, was his birthday party. It was mostly adults, but Timothy's friend J was here, as were his cousins Lacy and Lauren, and my friend Kathi's adorable little girl, O, who is just about 6 months old now was here, too. Timothy ended up napping until about a 1/2 hour into his party, and only got up because Grandma Peggy and I did a bit of loud talking in his room. As a result, he was a bit sleepy and clingy for a bit after getting up, but quickly warmed up and ended up having a blast, mostly playing outside (he got a new basketball hoop, tee-ball set and golf club, so no reason to ever come in anymore!).

Timothy took this picture of his friend O:

Begrudgingly sharing with his friend J:

In fact, he was having such a great time that he threw a bit of a fit when we brought him in to do the cake, though he got over it as soon as he realized what was going on. He LOVES the birthday song, and he even tried to blow out his candles. :) As soon as the candles were out, he said, "go outside!" and off he went.

He didn't open his presents until almost everyone was gone, which ended up being a good thing, since he took his sweet time playing with each one as it was opened. It took him forEVER to get through them all! Heehee!

End of the day picture:

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!