Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Best Daddy in the Whole Wide World!

I just wanted to give a little "shout out" to my dear hubby for being such a fantastic daddy! As I mentioned in the Anniversary post below, he stayed home with Teo yesterday, as Teo was getting over the tail end (no pun intended - I swear!) of his tummy ailment, and they had a very fun day. They came to see me for lunch, washed my car (well, Teo watched as Billy washed my car), made dinner for both last night and tonight, napped, and generally enjoyed hanging out together.

Billy, when I got home from work: "I could totally be a stay-at-home dad! We had so much fun!" Ahhh... if only we could afford it... then I'd be home! It's a really sweet thought, though, hon! :) I love you!

The loves of my life (ready for a nighttime walk when Teo didn't want to sleep!):

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