Saturday, August 2, 2008

Can you believe...

...he's 5 months (and one day) old already?! I sure can't! [insert cliche (a la "It goes so quickly" etc. etc.) here]

Here are a few photos (and a video or two) of the little cutie for your viewing enjoyment :) I also finally took a few shots of Teo's "school" (yes, I know it's daycare, but it makes me feel better to call it school!), though his main caregivers were gone for the day because they work the early shift. I will make sure I get some soon!

General cuteness:

"Don't I look like I have gigantic ears?" (look closely - those are daddy's ears back there!)

"Hop on Pop"

Forever Young:

Outside play area for the bigger kids:

Toddler room:

Baby room:

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