Sunday, August 24, 2008

"I like to eat eat eat...

... oatmeal and bananas... and pears!"

Yes, folks, we've started solids! For a couple of weeks now, Teo has been greedily (hungrily?) eying other babies' food at school, to the point that they were having to take him to another room when feeding them! Since he's become increasingly mobile, he was starting to try to intercept a spoonful here and there!

So, this week we decided to give bananas a try (Dr. Sears' recommendation for a breastfed baby's first food) to see what he thought. Behold his bowl of bananas & Teo getting ready for his first bites:

"Lemme do it! I can do it, mommy!"

He was so funny the first day - he wouldn't open his mouth, and instead kept his lips pursed in a sort of kiss shape and just sucked the bananas off the tip. It was so cute!


"Mmmmmm... that was good!"

Since everything went so well with the bananas, we decided to go ahead with organic baby oatmeal, and he loves that, too! By now, though, he's a pro - he doesn't try to take the spoon away anymore, and he actually opens his mouth wide and allows us to deposit the food inside! There was barely any mess, too! (I'm not harboring any illusions about things staying this way, though. Don't worry, I'm not that delusional about this process!) Behold oatmeal face:

We made a trip out to Whole Foods on Friday evening to pick up some nice organic fruits and veggies (we're making our own food) and picked up some pears, apples, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, peas and brown rice cereal. We steamed up the pears this morning and made a nice puree, which he absolutely loved (hopefully it'll counteract the, ahem, binding effect of the bananas and cereal)!

This is so much fun! Yay!

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