Thursday, March 26, 2009

Little Dragon Slayer

I absolutely love this little outfit, so I had to share some pictures of my little knight in shining armor.

You Have Served Me Well

I'm proud to say that I pumped at work for just over 8 months. We never had to supplement with formula, and I owe it all to Old Faithful, here. So, thanks good friend. I appreciate your hard work, and may you go on to assist many other working moms in providing the Gold Standard to their precious babes.

Tiny Thanksgiving*

Since Timothy is officially on the toddler side at daycare now, I've been wanting to get some pictures of their day-to-day activities. My friend Barb from work came with me on Wednesday and we got to watch and help out a bit with lunch. So cute!

Waiting patiently to be served:


"I can do it all by myself!"

Top view:

I just wish I had gotten a video of them getting their chairs - the teachers will say it's lunchtime and tell them to get a chair, and they all go to the shelf where they're kept, grab one, and push it over to the table. It's so adorable to watch, and really quite a testament to how smart and capable of following directions these little ones are.

*One of the other moms coined the term "Tiny Thanksgiving" to describe what it looks like when the toddlers have lunch. I believe the direct quote is, "It's like a tiny Thanksgiving, only no one is inappropriately drunk." Heehee!

Munchkin Invasion

We hosted our playgroup this month, and it was lots of fun. Timothy and I were playing outside when they all showed up, so we ended up spending a little time out there and got some pictures. Trying to get 5 12-18 month olds to be in one place and all face in the same direction is a bit like herding cats, as you might imagine. We did manage to get some good ones, though! Such cuties!

My New 'Do

We thought since Timothy has a new haircut, a little product application was in order. Behold the results:

Such a cool little dude!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Time for yard work!

Timothy got a bubble lawnmower for his birthday, so we decided to try it out today. He LOVED it! He just loves playing outside, though we have to be careful because he loves eating grass and leaves, too!

Hopefully these skills will translate in later years... :)

Timothy's first (real) haircut!

So, we finally decided that Timothy needed a haircut (I said "real" haircut in the title because of the mullet-ectomy several months ago). I've been going back and forth because I love his little curls, but the "wings" on the sides were getting out of control, so since Billy wanted to get a haircut, I decided we should just go for it. I'm so glad we did! He did really well (I think he had a little crush on Irena, his stylist!) and now he just looks adorable. I think I was afraid that he was going to look like too much of a little man, and not so much like my little baby anymore, but that's really not the case. He just looks like a less disheveled version of my baby! :)

Such a handsome little boy!


Aunt Christie came up from Southern California for a few days. Much to our surprise, when she picked Timothy up, he became this little cuddly lump that wasn't squirming to get down and explore. Who knew?!

Fun at daycare

I took my camera with me when I went to visit Timothy at lunch on Friday. I was hoping to capture the toddlers having lunch, since Timothy is officially on the toddler side now, but it was not to be. I got some cute shots of him and some of his little friends, though.

Timothy chewing on my camera case in the little house:

Our friend Quinn:

Our friend Josh;

Cutie up close:

I will continue on my quest for photos of the toddlers lunching - it's worth it, I promise! :)

Bed hog

How does such a little guy take up so much room in the bed??

I *heart* pesto!

Timothy and I shared some tortellini with pesto for dinner the other night. Somebody REALLY liked it!

To Grandmother's house we go!

Billy took Timothy to my parents' house last Sunday so that I could continue recuperating from the cold that never ends and make cupcakes for my coworker's baby shower the next day. I packed Timothy a lunch in his lunchbox, and he was ready to go.

Once there, he hung out with Auntie Monki and wondered if Ziggy is ever going to like him... :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Row Row Row Your Boat

Timothy loves music and dancing. He'll pretty much rock out to anything these days, but he absolutely loves it when we sing "Row, row, row your boat". They sing it at school, and usually one of the teachers will sit on the floor with a kid or two on her outstretched legs, and they will all "row" back and forth as they sing. So now, Timothy does it on his own! I had previously only seen him doing it sitting down, but as you can see, he's an equal opportunity rower. :)

Lemon Drops and Gumdrops

Monday, March 9, 2009

Is there anything sweeter...

than a little baby kiss? I don't think so! I forgot to mention in the last post that Timothy is now giving bona fide kisses. He makes fish lips and does a smacking sound when he wants to kiss you, but when you lean in to receive said kiss, he opens his mouth and kind of tongues you. Slimy, but oh so adorable! He'll also lean in for a kiss if you ask for one. Melts this mommy's heart every time!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


In other news, Timothy has a few new words that he's bandying about these days! The one that he's saying the most is "hi", but as the title of this post suggests, it sounds more like "eye-eeee", and he says it with a huge, teeth-baring grin every time. He also says "woof" whenever he sees or hears a dog, and just today he started saying "wow", which really is just cute. :)

Icky week, not too much to report

Well, Timothy and I dealt with a lovely bout of the flu this week. I had been slightly sick the week leading up to his party, and even had laryngitis on the Friday before, but I hadn't felt that terrible. Well, that all changed on Sunday evening, and I ended up staying home on Monday and Tuesday with a fever, body aches, chills, a nasty cough, and well, you name it!

We were hoping that Timothy was going to escape unscathed, but the poor little guy started coughing on Wednesday, and had a fever by that evening. He stayed home on Thursday and Friday, and by all accounts he had an awful time of it. Friday was the worst. He was fussy and clingy all day long, and his naps were terribly short because every time he started falling asleep, he woke himself up coughing. Ugh!

Thankfully, we both felt much better over the weekend. On Saturday, we did some cleaning and ran some errands, and then worked on what is now our family/playroom. We took out our rug and replaced it with one of those alphabet/numbers/shapes foam mats, and we love it! Timothy is enthralled by the shapes and colors, and we love that it's a lot more cushioned, so his head doesn't sound like a melon when he bails anymore. :) We also took advantage of the gorgeous weather and took a nice walk in the evening.

Sunday was a nice day. We hung out in the morning, then headed to Grandpa Jay and Grandma Peggy's for a quick visit. Timothy got to ride in the golf cart for the first time, which Billy says he really enjoyed, while I finished our tax returns (fun fun fun!). We then had a nice visit, and headed home in the late afternoon, so Billy could get the lawns mowed and Grandpa and Grandma could head out to the Kings game. Billy cooked us a great dinner of carne asada, Mexican rice and asparagus, which we picked up at Davis Ranch on our way home. Now we're looking forward to a good, healthy week!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy First Birthday, Timothy!

My little boy is ONE! Wow! There's so much to say, but for now, I will let the images of our day do all the talking. I will wax philosophical at a later date. :)

Goofing around with daddy while mommy tried to get the little cake iced:

All the yummy food at the party:

"Oh, we're taking pictures now?"

Special birthday sweater from Auntie Kelly and Uncle Seth:

Hangin' with Auntie Monki (who just happens to be just about Timothy's favorite person):

Daddy in a party hat:

Thirsty li'l cutie:

"Is it time for cake yet??"


Too much sugar?

The aftermath:

Auntie Kelly and Uncle Seth:

Barb and Tom:

Auntie Monki and Uncle Ryan:

Chillin' with Grandpa Jay:

The Lacey pinata:

The big people cake (or what is left of it!):

A cool hat from Uncle Aron:

A happy end to a wonderful day:

I am SO ready for bed right now!