Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy 45th Anniversary!!!

So, my parents celebrated their 45th - yes, that's 45th - anniversary on Sunday, August 3, 2008 with a nice little bbq get-together with some friends. We were almost unable to be there for the celebration, since Teo picked up a stomach virus at school & had been projectile vomiting since Saturday night, but we took him to the doctor on Sunday morning and she said he would be okay. We decided to risk getting the car all pukey and went for it, and he did fine on the ride. In fact, he did fine the whole day until the very last guests left, and then he let loose! Anyway, Teo is now fine, after staying home from school on Monday (with me) and Tuesday (with Billy), and that's not the point of this post... so moving on to bigger and better things!

Grandpa and Grandma enjoying Teo (notice the anti-puke towel!):

What I was really wanting to talk about is the fact that, in this day and age of throw-away marriages, Billy and I are so fortunate to have parents who have been married as long as our respective parents have. Billy's parents recently celebrated their 40th Anniversary - congratulations, by the way! The greatest part, though, is that both our sets of parents continue to enjoy each other's company, and are very much in love. And it's the kind of love that really counts - the kind that still smolders through the hard times, knowing that the flames will once again be fanned when the good times return - and they always do return. This is the kind of love that Billy and I aspire to, and with such wonderful examples in our lives, believe we can and will and do have.

My boys:

Auntie Monki & "Uncle" Ryan (someday we will remove the quotation marks):

In closing, a toast, in the words of my father: "Salud, amor y dinero... y tiempo para gozarlos!" (Translation: "To health, love and wealth... and time to enjoy them!")

A sweet toast:

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