Sunday, August 10, 2008

Not too much going on around here...

Since I don't really have all that much material this week - other than the fact that the boy keeps getting more and more mobile by the minute! - I decided to just take a few random shots of Sir Teo hanging out. Lo and behold - I finally got my "toes-in-mouth" shots, plus a video! Yay! So here are a few shots of him playing with his new "skwish" toy and eating his toes. Enjoy!

"Thumbs up, mommy - these things are good!"


Oh, I also finally got a shot of Ty and Eboney, two of Teo's "educarers" at school. They are in charge of him most of the day in the infant area, and he loves them! They take such good care of him, and I love that they love him so much - it makes it so much easier for me to leave him there when I go to work. I will work on getting photos of Di (pronounced "Dee") who absolutely adores making Teo laugh (and often gets herself in trouble for doing so when he's supposed to be taking a nap!), Diane, the center director, and Stephanie, Nakeya and Raquel, who work on the toddler side, but have him in after 4pm, when Ty and Eboney go home.

Eboney (left) and Ty:

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