Sunday, December 28, 2008

Baby, you can drive my car!

Santa's big gift was a big hit! Timothy especially loves using his blinkers, and most times will turn them on on command.

We even got a chance to take it out for a spin on Friday afternoon! It was chilly, but so much fun!

"Santa came! Wait, who's Santa again?"

Apparently Santa delegated assembly to daddy... so stay tuned!

Baby loves Christmas!

Well, we've had several Christmas celebrations thus far (our own at home on Christmas Eve, then Christmas Day and the 27th at Billy's parents') and have one more next week with my parents. Timothy has loved it all! I have about a gazillion pictures, too, so I'll post a few now and then mete some more out over the next several days. Enjoy! :)

The first gift - no prompting from mommy and daddy, I swear!

Pre-Christmas mess (no, he wasn't supposed to be doing that!)

"I like tags and bows!"

A new puppy:

The best gift of all:

Yes, he wore the bow all night!

"Hi, Tree!"

One of the cutest things that Timothy has been doing since we put up our Christmas tree is that he waves "hi" to it every time he sees it. Whether we're just quickly walking by it or standing and admiring it, he just has to wave. So cute!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


"I love Ziggy!"

"But Ziggy doesn't seem to like me so much... what's wrong with him? Everybody loves me!"

Timothy joined me for our office Holiday party last Friday, and people kept coming up to me and commenting (as usual) on how good he is! Half the people there didn't even realize there was a baby in the house! Gotta love my mellow little guy - obviously takes after Billy!

I tried to take some pictures of him wearing this really cute, zany "Santa" hat that one of my coworkers had, but the model was not in a cooperative mood. :)

We did have a more successful photo shoot by the tree when we got home. He was especially interested in some cards that go with one of the gifts. Here are a few of the photos we took:

And, yes folks, there were more - many, many more! :)

I didn't know elves threw tantrums!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Auntie Monki!!!

Today is my sweet baby sister, Angie's 25th birthday! She is a wonderful person, a great sister, and an amazing Auntie! We love you, Auntie Monki!

Oh, yeah, and did I mention she kicks booty?!


Yesterday marked an interesting milestone: the number of weeks that Timothy has been alive! 42 "in the oven", and 42 out in the world. (And yes, for those of you who have done "the pregnant thing", he was in there for 42 weeks!) When I think about how much he's changed in that time, I simply cannot believe it. I mean, he went from being two little cells, to a little peanut, to a newborn, then an infant, and now almost a toddler - all in 84 short weeks! It's truly hard to fathom the amount of change that these little beings undergo on a daily basis.

So, on that note, please enjoy this chronicle of Timothy's life thus far:

Li'l peanut (first ultrasound, taken at 9 weeks, 5 days):

My bump, my bump, my lovely baby bump!

One day old:

One month old:

Two months old:

Three months old:

Four months old:

Five months old:

Six months old:

Seven months old:

Eight months old:

Nine months old:


Monday, December 15, 2008

In other news...

Timothy has been pointing at things for about a week now, and for the last 3 weeks or so, he's been nodding his head "yes", mostly while saying "ayayayayayayaya". He also dances whenever he hears music (especially the song that goes, "I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas"). This is most often combined with the head nod, which makes for a very cute full-body dance. He also continues to wave "hello" and "goodbye", and he's clapping more and more. So accomplished! :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

How could I forget...

to mention that Timothy can now stand without support for a few seconds at a time!?! Won't be long now...

Fun, busy week

We had a lot of fun this week. Billy had games to ref on Monday and Wednesday, and on Tuesday he went to the Kings game with his brother, so little man and I spent quite a bit of quality time together early in the week.

On Thursday, we were both excited to have daddy home, and since we heard that our favorite neighborhood restaurant, Mama Susanna's is going to change ownership (bummer!), we decided to go have dinner there. We brought Timothy's hook-on chair, so he got to sit at the table with us like a big boy. He ate all of his dinner, and then enjoyed several noodles from my Penne Rustica.

The next day was the BILT holiday lunch at Zocalo, which happens to be where Billy's and my Rehearsal Luncheon was held. Billy and Timothy joined us for lunch, and everyone commented on how adorable and good he is. We had a lot of fun, and Timothy got to have some sweet corn tamales, which he really enjoyed.

Friday evening was a nice, quiet evening at home. Timothy got to investigate the Christmas tree a little more, as well as some gifts that have magically appeared under it.

Saturday was another mommy-baby day, as Billy had to work some overtime and ref a couple of games again. We pretty much hung out, cuddling and playing all day. Oh, and I put together a little bookcase that I bought to hold all of Timothy's books in the family room. It has two storage drawers on the bottom, and he's been enjoying finding "treasures" in them. :)

Today was a busy day for all of us. The day started out nice and slow - Billy and Timothy let me sleep in until 9, which was SO nice! Once we were all up, we puttered around the house for a couple of hours, and then went out to grab a bite for lunch. Then, Billy and Timothy went Christmas shopping while I got to work baking some cookies for the staff at Forever Young. I made Snickerdoodles and Peppermint Meltaways - about 150 cookies in all! So, that pretty much took up the rest of my day, and now we're sitting around contemplating bedtime and the start of yet another week - one week closer to Christmas! Yay!