Monday, July 21, 2008

The Wedding

The wedding was wonderful. Kelly looked beautiful, the ceremony was sweet, funny & heartwarming (yes, I cried - a LOT!), and the food was delicious. Oh, and the venue was amazing - they got married at the top of the tram at Heavenly, so the backdrop for the entire evening was beautiful Lake Tahoe, as seen from about 1000 feet above.

Teo did extraordinarily well, considering he was away from home overnight for the first time. He and daddy got a lot of time together, since I had some bridesmaid-ly duties to attend to, and daddy came through like a champ! Both Teo and I are so lucky to have him!

Here are some photo highlights of the evening:

Here comes the bride:

The happy couple

Teo makes a friend (note that this little guy is only 10 weeks old - Teo is a peanut!)

Family self-portrait

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