Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Daycare/work update

Work is going well. I really like everyone I work with, and the work has been quite interesting so far. I really love that I can go see Teo at lunch every day. If I hit all the green lights, I can literally get there in 2-3 minutes! And yes, I realize that it's close enough to walk, but if I drive I have that much more time to be with him. I need that right now. Plus it's well over 100 degrees these days, and the air quality is horrible, so I don't think a walk would be enjoyable right now. Maybe when it cools off a little...

As for Teo and daycare, it's going very well. He really likes all the caregivers, and they just love him. He's gotten used to taking bottles (though he luckily still prefers mommy!) and he's even getting used to napping there, which was a big concern for me. Diane, one of the caregivers, says she just "wrap[s] him up like a burrito" and he rolls over onto his side to "find his friend" (the bear from Auntie Angie - see the "I love my bear" post), smiles, sticks his thumb in his mouth and drifts off. Yay!

Billy has been amazing during this transition. Well, he's always amazing, of course! I really cannot imagine trying to do this without his help. He makes me lunch and loads up my car in the morning, and entertains Teo while I get ready to go. He also gives Teo a shower a couple of mornings a week - otherwise, I don't know how we would keep that child clean during the week!

I will have to take some pictures and hopefully a video of Teo's newest amazing feat to post this weekend. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the newest feat is some very good, controlled rolling from back to front! Stay tuned....

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Auntie Dotti said...

This is truly confusing, I am never going to keep up on the things they are adding to computers. Timothy is lovely and I am glad I finally caught up with your blog. I am happy your little family is thriving. Love to you all
Auntie Dotti