Friday, July 18, 2008

Kelly & Seth Are Getting Married!

Teo, Billy and I are heading up to South Lake Tahoe in a couple of hours to take part in the wedding festivities. The "bachelorette" dinner is tonight, followed by the rehearsal and rehearsal bbq tomorrow, and then Sunday is the BIG DAY! Yay!

It'll be our first overnight trip since Teo was born, so you can imagine how much we packed for him, not knowing what exactly we'll need once we get up there. I'm really excited to put him in his baby blue linen suit, purchased especially for the occasion. He's going to be such a handsome little man! :) Billy is especially excited to have a lot of father-son bonding time, since I'm actually in the wedding. I'm excited for them, too, since Billy has had FAR less alone time with the little man than I've had - they're going to have so much fun!

We will be taking lots of pictures, so look for an update early next week when we get back into town. Ta-ta for now! :)

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