Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Santa Cruz Trip AKA Fun With Cousins!

Every year, the Harrigan clan gets together for a week of family fun in the Santa Cruz area. This year, Jay and Peggy upgraded the house, since we outgrew the beautiful house in Santa Cruz. So, we ended up in Watsonville right off the beach in a gorgeous, gigantic house with a fantastic view (of which I forgot to take a picture! Drat!).

This yearly trip will always hold a special place in my heart, as it was upon my first time joining everyone there that Billy proposed! This year's trip was also marked by the momentous occasion of Teo getting to meet his oldest cousin, Vince, for the first time. Below are some wonderful shots of Teo enjoying his five older cousins, all of whom had a lot of fun taking turns holding him! Enjoy!

All the cousins:
Vince with Teo, Jack, Joseph, Lauren & Lacey

Lauren, Teo & Vince:Jack & Teo:
Lauren & Teo:
Lacey & Teo:
Jack (being huggy & cuddly, as he is wont to be!), me, Teo & Lacey:
Teo, being generally cute:

With cousin Vince:
More cuteness:

Playing peek-a-boo with daddy & trying out some new sounds:

There's one more fantastic picture of Teo with Jack and Vince that I had originally uploaded at home, but for some reason it got erased when I tried to edit this post today, so stay tuned & I will post it tonight.

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