Friday, July 25, 2008

My New Co-workers

Today (well, Sunday is her actual birthday) was my co-worker Kara's birthday, and I just happened to have the camera with me, so I now have a picture of my new co-workers for everyone to see! We went to lunch at Ernesto's, which is kitty-corner to our office, to celebrate and then had cake in our conference room. Happy Birthday, Kara!

The BILT group:

Front row from left to right: Clarisse, Danni, Barb, Kara, me & Chris
Back row from left to right: James, Mark (our boss), Mike, Kathy, Robin & Jennifer
Not pictured: Mike Dingwell, who is on a 6 month assignment at the Governor's office

The cake & Kara blowing out the candle:


Dr Naomi Baumslag said...


Your baby is very cute – and it is great to know that he is breastfed!

Best wishes,

Dr Naomi Baumslag

Nicoled16 said...

Thank you, Dr. Baumslag! And thank you for stopping by our blog - I follow yours closely, so I'm honored!