Sunday, September 7, 2008

Week 27

So, we had a pretty good week. Teo has been really congested and has had this really icky sounding cough (I suspect allergenic post nasal drip) but it hasn't really affected his sunny disposition... at least not much! We also think he might be cutting one or both of his bottom incisors, but we'll see if they actually come through this time.

Labor Day was fun at Aunt Susan's, and Tuesday we got to go to daddy's softball game. We got to meet a new friend at the game - Aidan, our friends Chris and Sara Jones' little guy. They look about the same size, no? Well, Teo is almost a full 2 months older than Aidan! Yep... still a peanut!

We also did a lot of playing on the floor, especially with daddy. Teo has almost mastered sitting up on his own. He can definitely sit unassisted now, but he still doesn't quite get into a sitting position on his own. The crawling, on the other hand, has pretty much been perfected. He is actually now doing a cross-crawl (opposite hand/knee going at the same time), and he is getting fast! It's so very cute watching his tiny little body moving all over the place! He is stubborn and relentless, though, when he sets his mind to something. And he invariably wants to investigate things that we'd rather he didn't (i.e. the computer, dirty shoes, things with hard/sharp edges, etc.).

We also did some more experimentation with foods - this week he tried green beans and applesauce (liked the green beans, loved the applesauce) and he tried drinking from a sippy cup for the first time, too!

On Saturday, we walked over to one of Billy's coworker's homes here in the neighborhood, where several of his work friends had gathered for a barbecue. We hung around for a while, had some good food and I got to meet some of Billy's fantasy football teammates (woo-h00!) and then we headed back home. It was a lovely evening!

Also, since Teo slept right through daddy's shower today, we decided it was time to bring back the bath tub. It'd been so long since he last took an actual bath that he was a bit freaked out at first, but he ended up having a blast. He was very cute, splashing around and playing with his rubber ducky. :)

Billy and I did yardwork and laundry, respectively, and that about wrapped up our weekend. Oh, and Teo got himself into more trouble, of course! All in all, a pretty good week.

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