Friday, September 5, 2008

In case anyone was wondering why...

...I'm a consummate lactivist...

I thought I'd share this article on the global practices of formula and baby food companies for any of you who might be interested, or who may have wondered why I revile them so very, very much. The article focuses mainly on what goes on outside the United States, but it is a very interesting (if slightly long) read.

I found the article posted on the blog of Dr. Naomi Baumslag, a friend of my dear friend Dr. Miriam Labbok, whose blog can be viewed here. Miriam is our beloved Auntie Dotti's sister and an absolutely amazing advocate, researcher and promoter of all things breastfeeding (this description does not even come close to doing her CV justice, so please do check out her blog!). Miriam has also been an amazing supporter through my own personal breastfeeding and pumping trials and tribulations. If every nursing mom had a Miriam, we'd put Nestle and all those other formula-mongers out of business in no time!

Let's keep up the fight to achieve the Gold Standard for every baby!

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