Monday, September 29, 2008

Icky week, Part II

So, it wasn't just our nuclear family that had a tough week. Grandma Niki was back in the hospital for a procedure and ended up relapsing with her C Diff, so she's still there. And then there's Grandpa Jay, who had his right knee replaced, so he was in the hospital from Tuesday until Friday. We went to see him yesterday at home and he's doing very well with his recovery so far.

As for the continuation of our icky week, Teo had the rest of his labs done on Saturday. It was awful, but not as awful as Wednesday, as the technician was able to draw all the necessary blood from one arm. At least we don't have to go back! Also, he had a fever, presumably from teething as he didn't have any other symptoms, on Saturday night and Sunday morning, so he was a bit cranky. He hasn't been sleeping too well the past few nights, which means mommy hasn't been sleeping all that well either!

And then there's daddy. Remember his "owwie"? Well, while we were at the hospital for Teo on Saturday, Billy informed me that the pain in his leg was getting worse, and that it was kind of radiating away from the wound. We decided that this was not a good thing and headed over to the emergency room to see what they thought. The triage nurse said it looked pretty bad, so she directed us to the outpatient urgent care clinic, where he was informed that he basically has a second degree burn for all intents and purposes, given a shot for the pain, and sent home with antibiotics.

So, all in all, it was a bit of an icky end to an icky week. Hopefully this week will be much better! :)

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