Monday, September 1, 2008

6 Months Old!!!!

It is absolutely unbelievable to me that Teo is officially 1/2 a year old. I just can't wrap my mind around this fact. I mean, he can do all sorts of stuff - many things which he's doing way ahead of the curve - and yet, I still can't believe he's 6 months old already! Maybe it's the fact that he's still so tiny (we realized today that he was wearing the same outfit that he had on for our 3-month zoo outing, and it's still quite big!) or maybe it's the fact that the months have just flown by... well, whatever it is, I suppose I just need to get used to it!

In the meantime, enjoy the video and photos (taken this morning) of Teo's newest skill - kneeling! :) He started doing this yesterday while playing with a box of childproofing materials that I was attempting to install. The two photos are of him getting back down from the crib rail without falling!

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