Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tiny Thanksgiving*

Since Timothy is officially on the toddler side at daycare now, I've been wanting to get some pictures of their day-to-day activities. My friend Barb from work came with me on Wednesday and we got to watch and help out a bit with lunch. So cute!

Waiting patiently to be served:


"I can do it all by myself!"

Top view:

I just wish I had gotten a video of them getting their chairs - the teachers will say it's lunchtime and tell them to get a chair, and they all go to the shelf where they're kept, grab one, and push it over to the table. It's so adorable to watch, and really quite a testament to how smart and capable of following directions these little ones are.

*One of the other moms coined the term "Tiny Thanksgiving" to describe what it looks like when the toddlers have lunch. I believe the direct quote is, "It's like a tiny Thanksgiving, only no one is inappropriately drunk." Heehee!

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