Sunday, March 8, 2009

Icky week, not too much to report

Well, Timothy and I dealt with a lovely bout of the flu this week. I had been slightly sick the week leading up to his party, and even had laryngitis on the Friday before, but I hadn't felt that terrible. Well, that all changed on Sunday evening, and I ended up staying home on Monday and Tuesday with a fever, body aches, chills, a nasty cough, and well, you name it!

We were hoping that Timothy was going to escape unscathed, but the poor little guy started coughing on Wednesday, and had a fever by that evening. He stayed home on Thursday and Friday, and by all accounts he had an awful time of it. Friday was the worst. He was fussy and clingy all day long, and his naps were terribly short because every time he started falling asleep, he woke himself up coughing. Ugh!

Thankfully, we both felt much better over the weekend. On Saturday, we did some cleaning and ran some errands, and then worked on what is now our family/playroom. We took out our rug and replaced it with one of those alphabet/numbers/shapes foam mats, and we love it! Timothy is enthralled by the shapes and colors, and we love that it's a lot more cushioned, so his head doesn't sound like a melon when he bails anymore. :) We also took advantage of the gorgeous weather and took a nice walk in the evening.

Sunday was a nice day. We hung out in the morning, then headed to Grandpa Jay and Grandma Peggy's for a quick visit. Timothy got to ride in the golf cart for the first time, which Billy says he really enjoyed, while I finished our tax returns (fun fun fun!). We then had a nice visit, and headed home in the late afternoon, so Billy could get the lawns mowed and Grandpa and Grandma could head out to the Kings game. Billy cooked us a great dinner of carne asada, Mexican rice and asparagus, which we picked up at Davis Ranch on our way home. Now we're looking forward to a good, healthy week!

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