Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy First Birthday, Timothy!

My little boy is ONE! Wow! There's so much to say, but for now, I will let the images of our day do all the talking. I will wax philosophical at a later date. :)

Goofing around with daddy while mommy tried to get the little cake iced:

All the yummy food at the party:

"Oh, we're taking pictures now?"

Special birthday sweater from Auntie Kelly and Uncle Seth:

Hangin' with Auntie Monki (who just happens to be just about Timothy's favorite person):

Daddy in a party hat:

Thirsty li'l cutie:

"Is it time for cake yet??"


Too much sugar?

The aftermath:

Auntie Kelly and Uncle Seth:

Barb and Tom:

Auntie Monki and Uncle Ryan:

Chillin' with Grandpa Jay:

The Lacey pinata:

The big people cake (or what is left of it!):

A cool hat from Uncle Aron:

A happy end to a wonderful day:

I am SO ready for bed right now!

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Pete and Kristin said...

So cute! Looks like you guys had a blast, especially the birthday boy with his cake :-)