Saturday, November 1, 2008

Teo the Turtle

Yes, as the title suggests, Teo was a turtle for Halloween - and what a cute turtle, indeed! Everyone at Forever Young absolutely loved his costume, but just look at him! How could you not love the little guy?! I also got to show him off at the office, as there was an invitation "Trick-or-Treat in the Executive Suite", so Teo the Turtle got to see and be seen by all the CDCR bigwigs. He, of course, was a hit!

Turtle cuteness:

We didn't really go trick-or-treating in the evening, but we did get out for a bit. We walked over to my coworker and neighbor, Barb's house for a little visit and it was really nice! Of course, Billy and Tom (Barb's husband) know a ton of people in common, since Barb and Tom's sons grew up playing baseball here in Sacramento. In fact, Billy was the Jesuit Freshman coach when both of them were playing for Christian Brothers, so they've crossed paths along the way.

Teo with Barb:

On our way back home (in the rain, with a borrowed umbrella!) we stopped by our next-door neighbor, Mary's house, so that she and her daughters & grandkids could check out the cool turtle action, too. We did leave a big bowl of candy on our doorstep when we went out, and it was (thankfully!) gone when we got home. I only wish we'd left all the candy out!

Check out the turtle moves!

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