Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fun and Busy Birthday!

We had a very nice day yesterday. Billy is refereeing basketball now, so he got up early to go do a ref thing. When he came home, Timothy and I gave him his cards (he got his gift early - a new baby Bjorn with lumbar support), and then we did some cleaning and picking up around the house. Timothy went down for a nap, and when he got up, we gave him some lunch and then walked over to the park where he got to go down a big slide and go in the baby swings for the first time! He seemed a bit unsure of the swing at first, but he ended up enjoying it. After the park, we went out to get our Christmas tree! We picked out a beautiful 7' tall Noble Fir, which we brought home and hosed off before going to dinner.

As I mentioned before, we went to sushi, which is one of Billy's and my favorites! We actually got to the restaurant a few minutes before it opened, so we drove around in the "Fabulous 40's" neighborhood for a while, looking at the gorgeous houses, many of which already had their Christmas decorations up! We headed back to the restaurant, and Timothy was asleep, so we carried him in in his carseat, placed him under the table, and proceeded to have a yummy, leisurely dinner with him asleep the entire time (unprecedented!).

After dinner we came home and set up our tree, which ended up being quite an undertaking. It"s quite heavy, and we had some trouble getting it to stand up straight in the stand, but my wonderful hubby eventually got it to work. I can't wait to trim it today and see Timothy's reaction to it! He hasn't been too interested in the plain tree, but I have a feeling that all the lights and shiny stuff will be an irresistible attraction (so stay tuned!).

All in all, I think Billy would say he had a fun birthday this year. :) Happy Birthday, Daddy! We love you!

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Billy said...

I HAD A GREAT B-DAY! You and Teo Rock, and I can't tell you how much fun I had this weekend.