Friday, October 17, 2008

Our weekend in the OC =)

Our first big roadtrip with Teo was quite a success. We left on Friday afternoon around 3pm and arrived at our destination around 10:30pm. We stopped 3 times (once for snacks, once for dinner, and a final time for gas) and Teo slept almost the entire time! He did wake up for dinner and a clean diaper when we stopped the second time, but he went right back to sleep when we got back on the road and didn't wake up until we were getting off the freeway in Santa Ana. So I'm sure you're wondering whether we got any sleep that night, and the answer is an astonished "yes"! When we got there, he got up to eat a little and played for about an hour or so, and then went down for the count and stayed down until almost 6am (pretty good, after a 6+ hour nap, don't you think?).
When in Rome....

Anyway, Saturday was a very fun day. We spent the morning at Jack and Vince's soccer games, and then we went out to lunch with Christie and Jack while Vince and Drew went to get haircuts. After that, we went back to Christie and Drew's where Teo and I took a little nap. We got to meet Christie's friend, Vanna, and her daughter Jessica, as well as Jessica's boyfriend, Patrick, as they came over for dinner that evening. They are all very fun people, and Teo enjoyed showing off his various skills to them.

Family portrait by Jack:

In between all those activities, Teo played with his cousins. Jack and Vince are both so incredibly sweet! They were both eager to entertain their baby cousin, and Vince spent an enormous amount of time playing peek-a-boo with Teo. (Overheard while showering in the boys' bathroom: "Hey Vince! Go do 'peek-a-boo' to baby Timothy because he's crying!" Do you just want to hug that kid, or what?!)

Jack being Jack:

We are also lucky in that the boys are very generous. Jack helped Christie go through their bookcase and pulled out a huge pile of board books to hand down to "Baby Timothy". He also asked me if "Baby Timothy" liked playing with trains, and when I told him that Timothy was still a little young to play with trains, Jack said that he would "give away all [his] trains to baby Timothy when he is old enough." I swear, my heart just melts every time that boy opens his mouth!

On Sunday we headed down to San Clemente so that Teo could meet Grandma Jones (or "Grandma Ocean" as Teo's cousins refer to her!). Grandma Jones is actually Teo's Great-Grandma, as she is Grandma Peggy's mom. The cousins refer to her as Grandma Ocean because her house has a beautiful ocean view.

Teo and Grandma Ocean:
When we got there, we saw there was a sign for a yard sale, and lo and behold, the sale was at Billy's Aunt Shirley & Uncle Larry's house, across the street from Grandma Jones'. We pulled up and Billy's cousins John and Jake were outside, as was Aunt Shirley. Grandma Jones and her sister, Aunt Peggy, soon came over, and we had a lovely visit that afternoon. Teo flirted with all the ladies and was content to play with some Tupperware (and tried to eat a magazine, but that's a whole other story!). After our visit there, we moved on to Aunt Shirley and Uncle Larry's new house, where they had invited us to have dinner and watch the Dodgers game. Dinner was great, and it was really nice getting to visit with Billy's family.

Teo with Uncle Larry and Grandma Ocean:

On Monday, we got up and headed out around 9am. The drive back was largely uneventful, though Teo decided not to sleep the whole way. He woke up when we were a little over 2 hours out, and I sat in the back and entertained him. He still did really well, and didn't get really fussy until we were already in Sacramento. What a good little traveler he's turned out to be! Yay!

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i haven't looked in a while- and that's what I get.. tons of growing. gosh it is going soooooo fast. hope you are well.. we need to catch up again soon.