Wednesday, October 1, 2008

7 Months Old & a Boo-Boo

Teo is 7 months old today! Wow! He's doing very well. Still crawling all over the place & starting to explore the whole house. Sitting up unassisted without falling over much, if at all, anymore. Eating like a champ. Banging and pounding on pretty much anything he can get his hands on. Pulling himself up to a standing position and attempting to let go (!!) and cruise. And wiggling a whole heck of a lot when we try to change and dress him - which brings me to the boo-boo.

Yesterday, Teo got his very first real boo-boo! Billy was attempting to put Teo's pants back on him after a diaper change and Teo decided to flip over onto his stomach. Un-ruffled, Billy proceeded to attempt to put the pants on Teo while he was tummy-down, at which point Teo pushed himself up on his hands and somehow launched himself over onto the edge of the changing table, hitting his eye. It made an absolutely sickening sound, and then there was the hysterical cry from little man. He ended up with a little cut/bruise over his eye with a little swelling. Poor baby! I tried to take some pictures, but it didn't show up too well:

Oh, Teo has also taken on some new responsibility now that he's 7 whole months old - he's the newest member of the neighborhood watch! Lil looky-loo!

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