Monday, March 7, 2011

Lyla has a tooth!!

Lyla's first tooth erupted sometime yesterday (we think it was while she was chewing on Billy's hat during Timothy's birthday party, hehe)!  It's the same one that Timothy first cut - the lower right central incisor (#10 on the chart below) - but she's about a month older than he was at the time.  All this time I've been thinking that he didn't have any teeth until much later, but in looking back through my old blog posts, I see that he was just past 7 months old when I blogged about his first tooth.  I guess I was just thinking there was less lag-time between the bottom and top teeth, since he only had about 1.5 of the top ones when he turned one. :)

Anyway, back to Lyla... we noticed that she had two little lumps on her bottom gums a couple of weeks ago, but other than waking up earlier in the morning, she hasn't been terribly fussy or drooly, so we didn't think the teeth would actually come through.  Then yesterday during the party, she grabbed my hand and started gnawing on my finger, and - holy moly! - there it was! I guess it's just par for the course with this amazingly easy-going little girl! I've decided to just enjoy her, instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop.  If/when she hits a tough phase, we'll just deal with it then!

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