Sunday, February 6, 2011

Patience pays off!

Lyla has always taken a little while to warm up and get comfortable in social situations, especially when it comes to people she's never met or hasn't seen in a while. (Now more than ever, since she's hit a stranger/separation anxiety stage and is transitioning to full time daycare.)

She prefers to observe for a while from the safety of mom or dad's arms, and then she decides on her own terms when she's ready to visit with someone. We don't push her by playing "pass the baby" when she's not ready.  And we don't apologize for our parenting choices.  But we do understand that it can be difficult for people who love her and want to revel in her squishy-ness, and we really appreciate everyone's patience and understanding. 

I like to think that it's especially rewarding when someone is blessed by a little Lyla-love - like Grandpa Jay was at the end of a lovely Sunday visit a couple of weeks ago.  She even gave him quite a few giggles!

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