Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lyla Mae, 7 months old!

Yup.  7 months old.  I can barely believe it!  She's such a sweet little babydoll.  She's turned into quite the little flirt, flashing gummy smiles at people and batting those lovely lashes.  If you're the recipient of one of those grins, though, you should consider yourself quite lucky, since she's in the midst of a stranger/separation anxiety phase, and only those in her "circle of trust" routinely get to see the uber-cuteness.

In the last week, she's started reaching her arms out to us when she wants to be picked up (which just melts a mama's heart!).  She's apparently also rolling from back to front (finally), though I've yet to see it.  She can also sit up like a big girl!! It's so cute to see her sitting, playing with a toy or her toes if her socks happen to be off (like right now).

She's working on her pincer grasp, and she's very much into exploring textures.  Some of her favorite things to explore are Billy's unshaven face and Timothy's hair (much to the joy of the former and chagrin of the latter).  Of course, anything and everything that she can get to her mouth invariably ends up there - except for peas.  She's not a big fan of those...

Ahhhhh, the cuteness!

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