Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lyla Mae, 16 weeks old

Smiley girl
Boy, oh boy, has little Miss L been up to quite a lot in the last couple of weeks!  She has discovered her tongue, which means that she is trying to taste anything and everything that comes in close proximity to her face, or that she can grab and pull into her mouth.  She is also spitting and blowing raspberries quite a bit, which is decidedly cuter than when her brother does it!  She will also often stick her little tongue out when she smiles, which is just adorable. 

She still has not fully rolled over, but she almost has the mechanism of how to do it down.  She crosses one leg over the other and pulls herself in that direction, but she hasn't figured out that she needs to get her arm out of the way to flip over.  I don't think she's too motivated to do it, though, because she can pretty much scoot herself in every direction while on her back, so she's able to get at things that have captured her fancy in that manner.  I also think that her very (adorable) bulky cloth diapers are probably hindering her mobility a bit, and she doesn't get to play on the floor quite as much as Timothy did at this stage because of flying blocks, balls, trains and cars - courtesy of the doting big brother, himself.  Either way, I'm not concerned, and it's quite nice to be able to put her down for a minute or two to change laundry, or whatnot, and come back to find her in the same place.

She's also vocalizing a LOT more - even when she's supposed to be eating!  She is making a "brrrrrrrr" sound a lot, but she's also moving on to making vowel sounds that are more controlled and sound more like words (i.e. "aaahhhhh, ooooohhh, etc.) than just random tests of the vocal chords. 

One of my favorite things, though, these days is her extreme interest in Billy and Timothy.  Although I absolutely love being her sun, moon, earth and stars, it is so sweet to see her watching her brother so intently, and being so overjoyed by silly little things he does. She's enjoying spending time with papa, as well, and since she's spacing out her feedings a bit, this is ever-more possible. 

Ahh, such an accomplished little lady!  (And yes, time is passing much too quickly for this mama!)

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Emily said...

she is so beautiful nicole! i can see you in her eyes.