Monday, September 6, 2010

Lyla Mae, 2 months old

Well, my little girl is definitely more "baby" than "newborn" these days.  Aside from having lost most of the "newborn" look, she is spending a lot more time awake and alert, checking out her surroundings, kicking her legs, and trying to roll from side to side.  She is also vocalizing a lot more, and she's beginning to develop a little bit of a laugh, which sounds like a bit of a gurgle at the moment, and is oh-so cute!  She no longer suffers from male pattern baldness ;) and her eyes are looking clearer, as well these days.  It also appears that she is a thumb-sucker.  After many attempts at stuffing her entire fist into her mouth, and much frustration when her little thumb was tucked neatly inside said fist, she's perfected the art of actually getting the thumb into her mouth and keeping it there.  She continues to be a sweet, mellow little girl, and she is just a joy to be around, and so easy to love!

Here are her 2-month stats:
Weight: 10lbs 11ozs (75th percentile)
Length: 23" (75th percentile)
Head circumference: 15.5" (50th percentile)

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