Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lyla Mae, 4 weeks old

Little Lyla is 4 weeks old?!! Amazing, but true. You know the old saying, "time flies when you're having fun?" Well, we're absolutely having fun! She is such a joy! She is a very mellow, sweet little baby. She still sleeps a lot of the time, but is having more and more quiet awake periods during the day. She, of course, likes to be held, but will actually let me put her down from time to time, so I haven't had to neglect my own needs quite as much this time around. And to be honest, it's very weird! :)

She's starting to smile in response to seeing my face (anyone who's a mother can tell you that this is the most amazing thing that you could ever experience), and she smiles and laughs a lot in her sleep, too. And boy, oh boy, I can already see how much she's going to idolize her brother. She loves looking at these pictures of him that are over our bed - she just stares and stares! And he just adores her. He takes every opportunity to give her kisses and he talks a lot about how cute and tiny she is. My heart just bursts when I think about the bond that they're forging.

I have no idea how much she weighs, but I know she's gaining well - she's already outgrowing her newborn stuff, and she hasn't even worn half of it! She'll have to model some of her cute little outfits for Grandma Ocean this weekend. :) In other news, she's going through the lovely baby acne and male pattern baldness phase... I sure hope it's short-lived, though she's still gorgeous in mama's eyes!

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