Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Long Weekend at G'pa and G'ma's House

Since Billy and I both work for the State and it looks like we're about to lose two of our eight billion paid holidays, we decided to take advantage of our Lincoln's Bday/Washington's Bday weekend and get the heck outta dodge while we still had the chance! We headed down to the Bay Area to spend some quality time with my parents, and we got to do some fun stuff while we were there.

We pretty much relaxed and stayed out of the rain on Friday. Timothy enjoyed getting to explore his surroundings at Grandpa and Grandma's a little more, since they did some childproofing to accomodate him! He also did a bit more stalking of Ziggy, Auntie Monki's cat, who sadly still wants nothing to do with him.

Saturday, we had a little reprieve from the rain, so we finally got to take Timothy to Tilden Park. This is something that I've been wanting to do for a long time, as it is something that my family used to do quite often when I was little. It truly is one of my fondest childhood memories, so to be able to share this with Timothy and Billy was wonderful.

While at Tilden, we went on the little steam train, which was fun, but VERY cold, so we only rode it once (I still have 3 tickets left for next time!).

We also rode the Merry-Go-Round 3 times, and Timothy enjoyed it MUCH more than last time!

Lastly, we visited the little farm, where we were able to see some ducks, chickens, geese, and bunnies, as well as feed carrots to some very greedy goats and some very big cows!

We left the little farm just as the rain started coming down - we barely made it back to the car without getting soaked!

Sunday was another rainy day. Billy and I got to celebrate a belated Valentine's Day with a nice lunch for two while my parents watched Timothy. We went to Tomatina in Walnut Creek and had a delicious meal, and then did a little window shopping, which did not last long, since it was pouring and freezing!

When we got back to my parents', this is what we found (everyone, now! "AWWW!!!"):

Also, Timothy wore his little "All Star" baseball uniform, which was our V-day gift to Billy. So cute! The rest of the day was spent playing and relaxing and then we drove home that night.

All in all, it was a great weekend!

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