Sunday, January 4, 2009

Front teeth or first steps?

I really thought that the two front teeth would be pushing through before we saw Timothy take his first steps. The little lumps on his top gums have been getting bigger and bigger, and we can even see a little white showing through the skin. But alas, it was not to be!

It's been several weeks since he started standing unsupported, but this past week I was told that he actually stood up from the ground without holding onto anything. Then, Friday evening Billy was very excited because Timothy took one little step for him. He wouldn't repeat the performance for me, and didn't do it on Saturday either. Just now, though, he was standing in front of us both and he took one step and then promptly sank down to hands and knees! It was so cute!

We're going to have to keep having him practice with the cool walker that Aunt Susan got him for Christmas. He just loves playing with (and by "playing with" I mean "picking up and throwing") the blocks, but he just figured out this morning that he can walk around if he holds onto the handle. Thanks, Aunt Susan!

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