Thursday, January 8, 2009

And just like that - *POOF* -

my little baby is a toddler. This thought really hit me on Tuesday as I was getting him dressed to go to school. We received a HUGE box of hand-me-downs from cousin Joseph (many of them went through cousins Vince and Jack before that!) and there was a cute little pair of jeans in there. So I thought to myself, "I've been wanting to get Timothy some jeans! This is great!" and proceeded to put them on him. And then, there he was, smiling his adorable smile up at me... looking like a little boy instead of my baby! Bittersweet.

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Billy said...

Oh, but he was so darn cute in his jeans and his cords. In fact, he was looking just like a little version of his cute daddy, HEHE!!