Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lyla Mae is 1!!!!!

 Oh, wow - I just can't believe my tiny little girl is already 1!  It truly does feel like just yesterday that she was itty bitty.  This year has just flown by! Here are her 1-year stats:

Weight: 17lbs 10ozs
Length: 28"

She continues to be vocal and opinionated (obviously, she gets this from Billy!), and is getting closer to walking.  She can stand without holding onto something for a few seconds, but she doesn't appear to be interested in taking steps yet.  Her two front teeth have finally erupted, too, after many nights of restlessness and discomfort, poor kid.  She's been grinding the top and bottom teeth, though, which is just not a pleasant sound!!

Timothy is still her absolute favorite person, and she greatly enjoys getting into (and destroying) anything and everything he's playing with.  Seeing the two of them standing side by side at the play kitchen is one of the cutest things I've ever seen! 

(And I have a new-found respect for my friend Becky - trying to photograph a wiggly toddler is HARD!) 

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Kolena said...

She is ADORABLE!!!! :)