Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!

I wasn't sure what the outcome of this year's Santa photo shoot would be - last year he took a great picture, but he never even noticed Santa! I had high hopes, simply because he had no issues with the characters at Disneyland, but you never know with a toddler!

Well, as you can see, Timothy was more than happy to sit on Santa's lap - in fact, he got very impatient when we were next in line and the little girl before us was needing some coaxing to calm down, smile and look at the camera. Anyway, here's my sweet, adorable little camera-hog (we really should get him into modeling one of these days! hehe). Merry Christmas!

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Dr. A said...

This is the only Santa photo I've seen this year where there are no tears! What a brave boy! He looks really happy. And he's so big!! When did that happen?