Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Davis Farmers Market

Davis has the BEST farmers market anywhere, if you ask me! Last Saturday, we met up with our friends James & Laura, and their two little ones, Andrew and Elizabeth. We sampled and munched our way through the market until we made it to the little human-powered carousel. Timothy and Andrew had a blast riding on the different animals, and Timothy didn't even freak out like he normally does in the middle of a ride! Hopefully we'll go back soon.

"Ready to go, mom!"

Riding the frog next to Andrew:

The music you hear in the background on the video is actually the Davis High School Jazz Trio - they were really good! Timothy really enjoyed their playing - every time a song ended, he would stop whatever he was doing and clap and yell "Ayyyyyy!"

Riding the cow like a big boy:

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