Friday, September 11, 2009

18 month well baby visit stats

Timothy is a well-baby, indeed! The doctor said that his language skills are very advanced - he's starting to put together 2-word sentences, which is a 2-year skill, and his vocabulary is upwards of 50 words (it's been a while since I've counted, but at last count 3 months ago he had 40+, so I'm sure I'm making a conservative estimate). At this age, they're looking for 7-10 words, so apparently he's following in his chatterbox mommy's footsteps :).

As for his stats, he is:
32.5" tall = 50th percentile
23lbs 7oz = 20th percentile (up from 10th!)
19.5" head circumference = don't know about the percentile, but it sure looks big! Heehee!

So, all in all, he's doing VERY well. (As if we didn't know that!)

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Dr. A said...

Woooo!! What a smart, big boy you've got there! Congrats, mama. And nice growin' Timiothy.