Wednesday, July 1, 2009

16 months = Toddler-rific!

There's just no denying it. My sweet little boy is a baby no longer! Every day he does or says something new & it both warms and breaks my heart. Who knew that all those cliches about them growing up so fast were so very true?! (All the other mamas out there, I suppose!)

Aside from all the talking, Timothy has gotten 4 new teeth in the last two weeks - and before you say "aww, poor baby!", you should know that we didn't even realize they were all coming in until they were there! He'd been drooling like crazy and had his hands in his mouth a lot, but he's been sleeping just fine and hasn't been cranky. You can imagine our surprise when we spied those two molars while inspecting his other teeth! So now, he has the four top and bottom incisors, and two top molars. Wow!

Another cool thing that Timothy can do now is point out all of the parts of the face! He can point to our noses, mouths, ears and eyes (though he hasn't figured out that poking is not so good, so we have to be careful when we ask him to point to our eyes)!! He mostly likes to point out the parts of our faces, but this morning he showed us his own nose, mouth and ears. So cute!!

Lately, he's very interested in seeing pictures of himself, too. He really likes to linger in our hallway - where we have a veritable shrine to him! - and look at/point to every picture. He says "Tah-Tah" when he points, so I think that's him trying to say his name (they call him Tim-Tim at school).

Ah, well. Toddler or not, he'll always be my baby!

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