Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Okay, so I've been wanting to make/post a list of words and signs that Timothy knows for quite a while, and I'm finally getting around to it! So without further ado...

Spoken words:

1. dada, papa or baba = daddy
2. mama or my = me
3. uh-oh! = I dropped it, I threw it, it's on the ground, messy
4. dai = light or fan or the moon
5. tuh-tuh = turtle
6. dutton or duh-tuh or buh-buh = belly button
7. tat or didi = cat or kitty
8. woof = dog or train
9. moh? = more or please or I want some
10. shsss = shoe
11. sscks = socks
12. chssss = cheese
13. ah-tide = outside
14. ah-wight = alright
15. yah or da = yes/yeah
16. no = well, no, of course! hehe
17. nigh-nigh = night-night (just got this one two nights ago!)
18. nah = banana (used very rarely; mostly he just points and says "moh?")
19. buh or sometimes busssss = bus
20. droller = stroller (he's only used this one twice so far)
21. bauuuuu = ball (I can't even believe I forgot this one!! He says it ALL the time!!)
22. Diane or dyh-dyh = well, Diane! She's one of the teachers at daycare. He's said it clear as day a couple of times, but more often than not it's "dyh-dyh". I have a feeling that he knows more of the teacher's names, I just haven't heard them yet. Most of the older kids know all of each other's names, too, so I'm looking forward to that. :)
23. chuh = chair
24. bubbs or bubbuhs = bubbles (another one I can't believe I forgot! He's been saying this one for a while!)
25. Ebboh!!! = Elmo (so flippin' cute!)
26. Dah! = that

Honestly, how could I forget...
27. Hi-eeeee or eye-eeeee = Hi
28. Buh-bye or bye-bye or bye-eee = well, you get the picture!
Both of these are accompanied by waving, of course!

29. Bah = book
30. mmmmmm = yum! or I like this!
31. Ah-nun = all done

I will continue to edit as I remember more (or as "baba" reminds me of more!). And Baba also wanted me to note that he tries to "parrot" back most things that we say to him. Very cute!

As for signs he knows:

"more" - has been doing for 4-5 months
"milk" - probably for 3-4 months
"eat" - within the last 2 weeks
nods/shakes head for yes/no - has been doing for quite a while
"hot" - he's been doing this one for a while, and I think it's such a cute sign = purse lips and blow
"all done" - waves arm back and forth (supposed to be both arms, but he only uses one)

We're now working on signs for "please", "thank you" and "patience".

He also combines the sign for "milk" with the spoken word for "more", which I think is too cute - he even does this when he's asleep sometimes!


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